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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh the Things You Learn From Canadians ;)

Hi! There!

So right now I a, sitting in the Victoria Coach Station in London waiting for my best friend Natalie and good friend Laura to arrive. I have 20 mins to start writing about Sasquatch! and I'm on a UK key board.... ok... lets see how this goes.

The journey to Washington was both a wonderful and unfortunate experience. What was good seemed to be off set by bad and visa versa. Having 3 other road trip buddies from Humboldt made it all SO MUCH better. If you are reading this THANK YOU and I miss you guys already. One of my favorite moments is when we pulled into this little run down/ small down gas station right outside of Ashland, a very cute plump old man came out to pump our gas. We gave him a $20 and at the end, just for being the 10th car and getting the gas pump square on $20 he gave me a silver dollar. Anyways... It made me smile. We crashed in Portland were we stuffed our faces we Voodoo donuts and I got to watch the season finale of Glee.... It was a little disappointed and was very grateful to find a person at Sas! who was just as much of a gleek as me. The morning in Portland game as quite an unfortunate day break. Due to a series of unfortunate events I will not be posting pictures here like I had planned. Guess it will be a time to take mental pictures instead and just focus on soaking up completely all the places/people I encounter. The drive to George, Washington was stunning and fun even tho we took more than one wrong turn and were getting anxious/grumpy. All the way out of Portland its painted cars and honk if you're going to Sas! signs. I love how I could just feel the sense of community building and as soon as we pulled into our camp space, jumped out to find Otto, and got a hug from my best friend I knew the long/sad day was over and as he would say we would be on a whole different "plain of existence."  The 1st night consisted of catching up, pitchin my tent in the Washington peeps tent and kicking butt and flip cup. Not a bad way to start of the 5 day/night adventure that is Sasquatch music festival.  

Ok my time is up... but a day by day sas! recap is to come!

Love you all!

Signed. Not really sure where i'm sleeping tonight ;)

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