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Monday, June 13, 2011

Loved London, Surprised by Paris. Relaxed by Barcelona.


So my lack of computer, phone, ipod, camera as made me feel just a little disconnected but honestly I have kinda liked it. Obviously, seeing as I´m never blogging, internet is spoty and usually expensive. i had also planned on having a computer here but tis ok! I´m alive, well, missing you all in the states, and having one life changing experiance after another. I don´t have a lot of time so I figured i´d do a little recap of my favorite days in each city so far.

London: Now this city was a blast! I honestly had written it off as to expensive and crowded but couch surfing has changed my mind completely, i´d love to live there if i ever had the chance. But I feel that way about all the cities so far lol. Our host Ned had a tiny apartment in the CENTER of town, it was perfect and also free! My favorite day came when we got up and hit the British Museum. I strolled around by myself mostly and enjoyed the alone time. I really enjoyed the African bottom floor and the Islamic section with beautiful tiles and glass. While wandering I ended up serendipitously running into my friend Thomas. I knew he was in town but I hadn´t thought that we would find the time/communication to connect. It was great, we were both very surprised to say the least. After the museum we went to a big "american" sports bar and watched a game of football. England vs Wales. Twas I blast, lots of (usually cute) British guys and a few girls cheering and yelling while enjoying a pint and some even better company. After the match, it was a tie, we went to a wine bar down by the river. Was very relaxing chatting with our hosts and his friends, eating cheese and soaking up the warm night air. After that it was a short hang out in a pub next store and then some dancing at The Roxy. Great place but the music at times was rubish and the British can´t really dance ;) Such a fun night, I was just so comfortable and happy to be with my best friends and new ones. Our host and his two friends watched out for us and we were sad to see them off at the end of the night. So look forward to more of London in the future.

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