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Monday, May 23, 2011

As I Prepare For Take Off

So this is my first post in my new blog! We will see how long this lasts... I hope to keep it recent and exciting for all of you guys who are curious as to what I'll be up to from now until December. Here is a breakdown of what is to come! I leave Cali this Wed, May 25th, for Sasquatch! Music Festival in Washington. It will be 4 days of good friends, good music, and (hopefully) somewhat good weather. Then it is on to the Seattle airport on Tuesday the 31st for my flight to London. There I'll be meeting up with my best friend Natalie and our close friend Laura for a 2 week European adventure. Between the couch surfing, the sight seeing, and the people watching, I'm sure I'll have tons of photos and stories to share. What I'm most excited for is my 7 days in Spain! Laying on a beach is Barcelona? YES PLEASE!!!

On June 17th I fly out of Madrid for Nairobi, Kenya. Now this is where I feel some of the most character building and growth will take place. I will be spending 6 weeks as an intern for HEART (Health Education Africa Resource Team) and as an intern I'll be working in the office, helping lead teams that come through the compound, working in women's centers, doing HIV AIDS/ health teaching, medical clinics, maybe getting coffee ;) and a WHOLE LOT MORE. I have my interview today for what my focus will be as an intern and future posts on Kenya will probably include bits and pieces about my specific project. I'll be returning state side on July 28th. Then it's home for 3 weeks and then I fly out on Aug 23rd for my study abroad in Chile. More details to come about all that! But for now I must focus on packing, having to live out of a backpack for the summer, and in so fit 2 months worth of things into said backpack has proved interesting, getting food packed for my road trip to Sas!, filling out final paperwork, and praying for safety, fun, and growth. No joke, I'm getting nervous, but I feel I've done as much pre-planning as I could and everyone's encouraging words has really helped. I realized as long as I keep my eyes on God he will provide a roof over my head, food to eat, and protection from any harm. But ultimately I'm less scared and mostly in shock, in shock that after months of planning I'm about to spread my wings and take off. But in the end nothing is bigger than my excitement!


  1. Sounds like a great set of adventures! I'm sure you'll have an amazing time.

  2. Also to all who read my blog, sorry for spelling errors! Also typing on my mom's SMALL keyboard is not helping!

  3. Reading your blog was inspiring. I could see that you are really passionate about this.

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