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Monday, February 18, 2013

Giving (it) Up (to God)

Sometimes I start these things with no real purpose but to try and give the people I care about just a little taste of what's going in my life. It's plan to see that these is no longer a travel blog... I've settled down, and while I hated the thought at first, God made it very clear it was what I needed at this point in my life. I needed my family, the support of my mother, some of my best friends, my church family, and a space of my own to coup and grow. Most importantly I needed to start trusting more in God. He was jealous for me and He lead me into a painful few months of tearing down idols, giving up what I wanted for what he has planned, and humbling myself. So to go off of last post, I just wanted to share that things indeed are coming together. I went through all the hoops to get my business license to become an independent contractor doing in home care and finally making some money. I'm also getting more and more involved with different ministries at church that do worship.....

Here's an update from a Facebook post regarding that:

"For a long time i've LOVED to sing and worship God with my voice. I helped lead worship in high school for student ministries and for CRU in College but since I graduated I haven't been in any consistent ministry. Lately I've even been giving some serious thought to attending a school of worship in a few years... but I wasn't sure if that's where God wanted me or just where I'd like to go. 

Upon returning home, I felt a pull to get involved with a worship ministry here at my home church TCC. BUT I was hesitant. It's easy to become prideful and it feels awkward to ask... I keep a lot of things I do on the down low.... but THEN something amazing happened! WHEN a gave it to God, people started asking me! FIRST, my mom (literally my first full day back home) had me leading worship for her once a month women's gathering. THEN some peeps from Epic college ministry asked if I'd help lead every sunday night, THEN word got around and our little duo from Epic was asked to fill in for the regular student ministries band one sunday. People liked as so much they had us back. THERE, we were heard by the head pastor Ron and it was suggested we get on the big stage with some regulars for a leadership conference this Saturday! NOW I have offers to help start up a band that would fill in some sundays in student ministries and (hopefully) in the big house PLUS mentor the girls that lead children's ministries' worship..... All I can say is WOW.... God I love how you take our gifts and passions, and use them to glorify you! We need only humble ourselves and ask that you take over. THEN you are faithful to bless us far beyond what we could have ever planned or asked for. Thank you!"

Since that post I've also been briefed on a potential new music mentorship program that some of the worship people want to start up for young adults. While in the very early, pre startup stages, I'm pretty excited to see if such a program would come to fruition. It be a wonderful way to be part of a band again! Also at Twin Cities, i've had the incredible privilege of serving with the high school ministry as a leader of the freshmen girls with Susan Lewis. These girls make me smile so big!

All of this is coming together to create such a great balance in my life, with God, church, fun, and responsibility. It's nice to be able to pay some bills and even splurge on some stuff I've wanted like a ticket for Sasquatch! 2013! Reunion tour baby!

My job has probably been the biggest new thing in the last few weeks. I now work four days a week for an older fellow, doing basic companion care. Basically, when I'm on the clock I sit and read with him and make sure he maneuvers around the house without falling. We hike up the long driveway in the late afternoon through their beautiful acreage (down slate creek road) and then tour all the local coffee shops talking about star wars (he believes he is directing the next star wars films), the force, space, physics, politics, weather, and engineering. While a slightly delusional man, he is fairly brilliant, getting his degrees in physics, then teaching electronics and film. He is a fun coffee buddy! What is cool about this job is that I used to be great friends with his daughter when I was in elementary school (he has 5 daughters) and so there is already a level of comfort there. Other then coffee dates, I take him to his appointment and fiddle lessons, meeting a lot of wonderful, and kind, older folks along the way.

Another new development is my involvement in a team that will be heading to Mexico this March on mission to Rancho Agua viva! The last time I visited was 5 years ago and I'm so excited to see what God has in store for the team and I there. I've started writing out my testimony in Spanish even! That should be fun! Are main focus while there will be helping to put on a week long camp for approximately 300 high schoolers. There will be lots of games, rallies, and a "gala," to top of the week. I'm on the team in charge of coming up with games and getting the materials for said games, needless to say there will be frisbee!

Before all of this came together I wanted to just give up, but with some gentle (and not so gentle) pushes from God, I gave it up to Him instead. And I'm so very grateful! So pumped for what else He has in store!

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